2018 Interest Payments Coming Soon

We wanted to update you on the previous communication about interest payments.

The share interest payment announced in the newsletter of 24th November was subject to approval by Triodos Bank, lenders to the Braydon Manor solar farm, so we had to await that notification. Triodos Bank have now approved the payment and the funds are being transferred to Neville Registrars to process payments to members as soon as possible – likely to be the first week in January. We apologise for the delay.

The share interest payment will be for the year to 31st March 2018 at 3%.
We will send out an email update when the payment has been made.

Any changes to your contact or bank details on the member register need to be sent to Neville Registrars. Please could you send an email to them at: info@nevilleregistrars.co.uk
They would need the detail change instruction to come with a signature of the member. This can be a scan/photo of a letter or an email with a signature attached.
Any questions let us know.

Best wishes for the holidays and thank you for your patience.

The Directors of WWCE