The annual General Meeting of Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy was held on October 19th you can find the papers we presented to our members here on the Resources page.

We were pleased to see that more than 50 members were able to attend our AGM. We have now combined the votes at the meeting with the online votes and can tell you that the first two resolutions were passed overwhelmingly. The third resolution, to approve payment of 4.5% interest per annum to members for the period 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016 together with a payment of £20,000 to the WWCE Community Fund was passed by 105 votes for, 15 against with three noted abstentions.

We will make the payment to members and to the community fund once we receive authorisation from Triodos Bank, the lender to the Braydon Manor project. We expect to receive this authorisation once we receive the Feed in Tariff payments from OFGEM.