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2018 Interest Payments Coming Soon

We wanted to update you on the previous communication about interest payments. The share interest payment announced in the newsletter of 24th November was subject to approval by Triodos Bank, lenders to the Braydon Manor solar farm, so we had to await that notification. Triodos Bank have now approved the payment and the funds are […]

19 December 2018
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Performance May-July 2018

After a dismal March and April, you won’t be surprised to learn that our performance on all sites was exceptionally good during May, June and July. The performance reports show that we are around 169,000 kWh ahead of last year in terms of generation for the period April to July 2018. If the rest of […]

28 August 2018

Formal Notice AGM 2018

This is the first formal notice of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) which will be held in Devizes Town Hall at 12 midday on Tuesday 25 September. We will send you documents for the meeting in the first week of September. One of the items on the agenda will be the election of Directors. Anyone who is a member can […]

24 August 2018

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Braydon Manor

Robbery at Braydon Manor

In an unfortunate development, on the 1st of April, just as we were effecting a change in operations and maintenance contractors, we discovered that thieves had broken in and stolen £10,000 of spare solar panels stored at the Braydon site. Fortunately, we have adequate insurance and the loss should be completely covered but it does seem disconcerting that […]

22 August 2018
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

BSR will provide WWCE with O&M services

British Solar Renewables (BSR) will provide Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services for a number of community energy sites, including the our solar arrays. BSR will be responsible for monitoring the performance of our site, identifying and repairing faults, for security and land management.  WWCE employs Mongoose Energy to provide asset management facilities that include a range of commercial services as well as […]

18 April 2018

Government, Wiltshire and Swindon Energy Strategies

Many of us have felt that the government has forgotten any objectives for improving sustainable living. When we started our solar farms at Chelworth and Braydon there were good incentives for investments as with good returns through the Feed in Tarif and other purchasing agreements. The incentives have since been removed and tariffs adjusted.  Planning […]

01 April 2018

Share Buy Back and Transfers

The board’s current view At our last AGM in August 2017 the board gave an outline of its views on the long-term financial prospects of your investments. We indicated then that the likely long-term interest rate payable to members (including community fund payments) may not exceed 5% per annum; this is significantly below the 7% […]

01 April 2018

Community Energy State of the Sector 2017

Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales launched the first State of the Sector Survey on the 24th June 2017. This landmark report collected a vast amount of data from 2016 including community energy generation, energy savings and CO2 reduction projects. As with last year, Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy has provided CEE with information to help […]

01 April 2018

Wessex Community Energy Network

Wessex Community Energy Network was launched on 17th April. Anyone interested in the development of Community Energy is welcome to become involved. The network will be a forum to exchanges ideas and experiences and for widening local consciousness about the value of local, community energy. To join the mailing list or to find out more, email

01 April 2018