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Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor: Financial Update

Ofgem finally paid us the money we have earned from the Feed in Tariff Payment due to us but we still had one more hurdle to overcome before making our interest payments. As you may know from previous communications, start-up costs for the Braydon Manor project were higher than planned and we have been discussing […]

20 March 2017
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land Management Report

Reflecting the importance of the conservation and biodiversity aims of our solar developments, the WWCE board has recently formed a sub-committee to lead the ongoing land management activity at the Chelworth and Braydon Manor sites. Observations suggest that biodiversity continues to increase on both sites. The new pond is establishing well at Chelworth forming an […]

19 March 2017

Smart grid and smart meters: do we need them?

You may have heard about, or been offered a smart meter. Every energy supplier must offer its customers a smart meter by 2020.  But it’s not compulsory to have one. Should we bother to get a smart meter?  The answer is YES, (but possibly not immediately). Smart meters will enable the smart grid, which is […]

16 March 2017
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor Update

On 31st March the total generation reading for Braydon Manor was of 787,597 kWh. This equates to an (estimated at this stage) income of £48,000 for FIT and £38,000 for export payments, but this period has seen two total shutdowns over 6 days for essential operational works to the Distribution Network Operators switchgear so we should be […]

12 May 2016

Chelworth Update

After a very wet winter and spring, we could only find dandelions at the solar farm last week. We expect wildflowers to start growing soon but we can’t expect the site to recover quickly from the pounding (and ponding!) it has taken. We are looking to gradual improvement and restoration over an extended period. Good news is that we are going to […]

12 May 2016

Great Crested Newts spotted in Chelworth solar farm

We were very happy to see Great Crested Newts in our pond at the Chelworth solar farm a few days ago. Building a welcoming habitat for these amphibians and helping to increase their numbers is of key importance to us and in line with our wildlife and biodiversity goals. This threatened animal has suffered a gigantic […]

24 February 2016