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Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land management report

Chelworth The weather this year has not really helped our sites at all. Early storms and wet weather slowed all vegetation growth. However, towards the end of May everything changed and the grass became thick enough and needed cutting, or grazing as the case may be. We brought in the sheep and they proved to […]

23 August 2018

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25 Year Environmental Plan

The government has produced a new 25 Year Environmental Plan.  It sets out the long term plans including for ‘net environmental gain’ in infrastructure and housing development, aspires to reduce avoidable plastics waste, and suggests a new statutory watchdog to oversee environmental decisions and recycling and waste plans. As it says in the Executive Summary: The […]

07 February 2018

The Community Fund has made its first two grants

  The provision of significant local community benefits is central to WWCE’s vision. We were pleased to launch the WWCE Community Fund at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. We have now paid a total of £45,000 into the Community Fund, which is administered by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) and by a Community Fund Group (CFG) which has been charged […]

15 December 2017

Updates to Registry Services for Members

Up until now you may have been writing to the Community Share Registry, or to me when you have had queries about certificates, payments, transfers, information updates or other issues to do with your shareholding in WWCE. Well now we have re-organised all these functions to one point of contact.  From 3rd July Neville […]

04 July 2017
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Solar Arrays Performance

Braydon Manor Performance levels exceeded expectations across the wintery months of October, November and December. Over these months the project produced a total output of 610,177kWh – 9.6% above the projects’ target during this time period. While this was partially driven by higher than anticipated irradiation levels, the site also achieved a higher than expected […]

24 March 2017
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor: Financial Update

Ofgem finally paid us the money we have earned from the Feed in Tariff Payment due to us but we still had one more hurdle to overcome before making our interest payments. As you may know from previous communications, start-up costs for the Braydon Manor project were higher than planned and we have been discussing […]

20 March 2017
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land Management Report

Reflecting the importance of the conservation and biodiversity aims of our solar developments, the WWCE board has recently formed a sub-committee to lead the ongoing land management activity at the Chelworth and Braydon Manor sites. Observations suggest that biodiversity continues to increase on both sites. The new pond is establishing well at Chelworth forming an […]

19 March 2017