Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Solar Arrays Performance

Braydon Manor Performance levels exceeded expectations across the wintery months of October, November and December. Over these months the project produced a total output of 610,177kWh – 9.6% above the projects’ target during this time period. While this was partially driven by higher than anticipated irradiation levels, the site also achieved a higher than expected […]

24 March 2017
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor: Financial Update

Ofgem finally paid us the money we have earned from the Feed in Tariff Payment due to us but we still had one more hurdle to overcome before making our interest payments. As you may know from previous communications, start-up costs for the Braydon Manor project were higher than planned and we have been discussing […]

20 March 2017
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land Management Report

Reflecting the importance of the conservation and biodiversity aims of our solar developments, the WWCE board has recently formed a sub-committee to lead the ongoing land management activity at the Chelworth and Braydon Manor sites. Observations suggest that biodiversity continues to increase on both sites. The new pond is establishing well at Chelworth forming an […]

19 March 2017
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor Update

On 31st March the total generation reading for Braydon Manor was of 787,597 kWh. This equates to an (estimated at this stage) income of £48,000 for FIT and £38,000 for export payments, but this period has seen two total shutdowns over 6 days for essential operational works to the Distribution Network Operators switchgear so we should be […]

12 May 2016
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor connected to the grid and producing energy!

On New Year’s Eve the Braydon Manor solar farm was successfully connected to the grid. Pictures below are from last week. There is plenty of typing up to do, and the weather hasn’t been exactly sunny, nonetheless, energy is being generated. Our partners in construction say that the arrays are exceptionally large and strong, deeper and longer than […]

13 January 2016
Braydon Manor

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy named best renewable energy scheme

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy’s Braydon Manor Solar Farm was last night named the South West’s best renewable energy scheme. The award was announced at the prestigious Renewable Futures and Green Energy Awards, which took place in Bath’s famous Assembly Rooms. Lesley Bennett, Chair of Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy said: “We were very pleased to receive […]

27 November 2015
Braydon Manor

Construction at the Braydon Manor is going well

Progress is noticeable at the Braydon Manor Solar Array. The ground anchors and framework are being set, and you can now see what the final shape of the array will be. The construction phase of a solar farm such as the Braydon Manor runs from the civil and electrical engineering work through to commissioning. The different stages […]

06 October 2015
Braydon Manor

Press release: First split-ownership solar farm launches in the UK

Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy’s 5 MWp community-owned solar array at the Braydon Manor Farm will now be part of a joint 9.1 MWp solar scheme thanks to the Government’s 2015 shared ownership guidance.   Swindon, September 17th, 2015 – Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy (WWCE) successfully raised over £5.6 million to build a 5 MWp community-owned […]

17 September 2015
Braydon Manor

Braydon Manor mentioned in infographic about solar farms

Infographic on solar energy  by our friends at Mongoose Energy. Solar farms are large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems used to generate clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the grid. Solar farms can cover anything between 1 acre and 100 acres. There are 450+ operational solar farms in the UK producing over 4,000 MWp a year.  

16 September 2015