Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Performance May-July 2018

After a dismal March and April, you won’t be surprised to learn that our performance on all sites was exceptionally good during May, June and July. The performance reports show that we are around 169,000 kWh ahead of last year in terms of generation for the period April to July 2018. If the rest of […]

28 August 2018
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land management report

Chelworth The weather this year has not really helped our sites at all. Early storms and wet weather slowed all vegetation growth. However, towards the end of May everything changed and the grass became thick enough and needed cutting, or grazing as the case may be. We brought in the sheep and they proved to […]

23 August 2018
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

BSR will provide WWCE with O&M services

British Solar Renewables (BSR) will provide Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services for a number of community energy sites, including the our solar arrays. BSR will be responsible for monitoring the performance of our site, identifying and repairing faults, for security and land management.  WWCE employs Mongoose Energy to provide asset management facilities that include a range of commercial services as well as […]

18 April 2018
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Solar Arrays Performance

Braydon Manor Performance levels exceeded expectations across the wintery months of October, November and December. Over these months the project produced a total output of 610,177kWh – 9.6% above the projects’ target during this time period. While this was partially driven by higher than anticipated irradiation levels, the site also achieved a higher than expected […]

24 March 2017
Braydon Manor, Chelworth

Land Management Report

Reflecting the importance of the conservation and biodiversity aims of our solar developments, the WWCE board has recently formed a sub-committee to lead the ongoing land management activity at the Chelworth and Braydon Manor sites. Observations suggest that biodiversity continues to increase on both sites. The new pond is establishing well at Chelworth forming an […]

19 March 2017

Chelworth Update

After a very wet winter and spring, we could only find dandelions at the solar farm last week. We expect wildflowers to start growing soon but we can’t expect the site to recover quickly from the pounding (and ponding!) it has taken. We are looking to gradual improvement and restoration over an extended period. Good news is that we are going to […]

12 May 2016

Great Crested Newts spotted in Chelworth solar farm

We were very happy to see Great Crested Newts in our pond at the Chelworth solar farm a few days ago. Building a welcoming habitat for these amphibians and helping to increase their numbers is of key importance to us and in line with our wildlife and biodiversity goals. This threatened animal has suffered a gigantic […]

24 February 2016

Roe deer in Chelworth

On our visits to the Chelworth site we often see roe deer grazing around the panels. The picture below was taken just this month. In Wiltshire we are lucky to have some of the best roe deer in Europe. Roe are the smallest deer native to Western Europe. They are often seen where food and […]

30 October 2015

Malmesbury Cubs visit Chelworth PV site

On the evening of the 9th October the Malmesbury Cubs visited the Chelworth PV site as part of their series of visits to sites of environmental interest. After a short talk about safety (and telling them about the need for quiet if they wanted to see any wildlife), we asked the boys to set off in small groups to look […]

22 October 2015

Brown hare spotted in Chelworth

We were excited to see a brown hare running around Chelworth Solar Array last week. We saw a lot of hare poop on the rocks and ground, which proves that these animals really love to hang out at the site! This is an important milestone for us as well as for our partner Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. […]

09 October 2015