Wiltshire Wildlife Trust buildings, Clattinger and Langford Lakes Nature Reserves




A total of 18kW rooftop solar installations over three sites

Since its inception in 2013, WWCE has owned three rooftop projects on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust buildings – Clattinger, Fisheries Cottage, and Langford.

The largest of the three is a 10kW solar installation that sits atop the Lakeside Building at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve.

The Clattinger Farm House installation is 4kW and is situated on a roof at the Trust’s Clattinger Farm Nature Reserve. Clattinger is considered the finest remaining example of enclosed lowland grassland in the UK and is of international importance for its hay meadow wildflowers.

The Fisheries Cottage installation is also 4kW and sits on the roof of a cottage at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve. The nature reserve covers an expanse of 31 hectares, with four lakes and an 800m stretch of the Wylye River, which is designated as a Special Area of Conservation.